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The DRVN Roadmap
July 24, 2018

States mandate instruction time for permitted drivers, and parents are
responsible for more than half of that time. DRVN helps guide parents
through the process, enabling them to coach the right skills at the
right time. DRVN features a structured program of diverse skills and
environments to provide parents with a better plan for teaching their
teens to drive.

Diverse Skills

1. Basic Vehicle Ops.
Get comfortable in the ready-to-drive position, put on your seatbelt and then cover the ignition sequence.

2. Basic Control Tasks.
This is The Parking Lot Lesson. You’ll be moving forward, going backward, and stopping until you get a feel for the vehicle.

3. Intermediate Control Tasks.
Taking it to the streets with some lefts, some rights, and some intersection negotiations.

4. Advanced Control Tasks.
(the road) is caring! In this lesson, driver’s will learn how to
interact with other cars and their unpredictable drivers.

5. Maneuverability.
your game face (and maybe some calming herbal tea), because this lesson
tackles the tricky stuff: elaborate turn-arounds and parallel parking.

6. Traffic Control Devices & Laws.
All of the questions about right-of-way, complex intersections, and signage get answered here.

7. Highway Management.
will be merging, there will be lane changes, there will be traveling at
high speeds, and there will be a general understanding of why people
complain about traffic.

8. Perception & Driving Strategies.
The last lesson includes the really advanced skills like hazard mitigation, and adapting to reduced visibility and low traction.

Diverse Environments

Parking Lots.
We’ll hit up some empty ones (like schools on weekends or after-hours) and
some packed ones (like the grocery store on a Sunday).

Residential Roads.
These are the community roads that are 25-35mph and lined with houses.

Intermediate Roads.
A higher speed limit than the residential roads, but not quite as busy as the commercial roads.

Commercial Roads.
These are 35-50mph, lined with business, stop lights, turn lanes, and center lanes.

Major roads with multiple lanes and high-speed traffic.