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7 Car Myths You’ve Got to Stop Teaching

Published on
We know that you, loving parent extraordinaire, have the absolute best intentions while teaching your teen the rules of the road. However, you might be advocating for some in-car habits that are no longer common practice (and some that aren't even considered safe). Since you've received your driver's license, there have been many changes and…

The DRVN Roadmap

Published on
dating chat site States mandate instruction time for permitted drivers, and parents are responsible for more than half of that time. DRVN helps guide parents through the process, enabling them to coach the right skills at the right time. DRVN features a structured program of diverse skills and environments to provide parents with a better plan for teaching…

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Car

Published on
Sometimes sharing the family car isn't the best option. Shopping time! 1 | Budget Figure out who's paying - and how. Some parents cover the cost of the car and leave gas and maintenance costs to their teen. In other situations, teens are responsible for other costs. It depends on what works for your family.…

Teacher’s Ed 101

Published on
Not everyone can be a teacher. Being a teacher not only takes a certain type of person, it takes an understanding of the way people learn. Teachers approach the classroom with an arsenal of theories, strategies, and lesson plans on their side to educate our youth. It's no wonder parents are overwhelmed by their part…

5 Tips to Fit in Driving Time With Your Teen

Published on
Most states require a minimum number of supervised hours behind the wheel before a teen driver can progress from the learner stage to their intermediate license. Depending on your state, that's anywhere between 0 to 70 hours of required time, but 50 hours is the norm. Research shows that the more hours of supervised practice…